Selah Salon & Spa is Ready to Take Care of Your Nails!

If you’re looking for the most color options, the cleanest environment and the best options, our nail salon is the place for you! Our nail enhancements include acrylic, gel or sculpture sets. We offer all you’ve come to expect from professional nail salons. But it doesn’t stop there. At Selah Salon & Spa, we're devoted to giving you the best manicures in town.

Excellent Manicure Services in El Paso

Selah Salon & Spa offers a plethora of manicure options. Each one performed by our experienced and friendly nail technicians. No matter what you're looking for, Selah Salon & Spa has it!

Classic Manicure

Nothing quite beats the classics, huh? The same is true for manicures! Selah Salon & Spa's Classic Manicure is the best choice if you're looking for basic nail care. The classic manicure entails softening, trimming, and cuticle oil treatments. Your hands will also get moisturized and massaged for optimal relaxation. Choose what kind of nails you’d like, from natural to gel to acrylic. We’ll pay close attention to detail and deliver the look you want! From there, your nail tech will file and buff your nails until they reach a beautiful, natural shine. Finally, your nails will receive a stunning polishing.

Spa Manicure

The "Spa Manicure" option is all about relaxation. To start, your hands will receive a gentle, yet invigorating scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells. From there, your hands and arms will be massaged. Then your nails will receive the same treatment from the Classic Manicure. If you want to take your manicure to the most relaxing level, then the Spa Manicure is the perfect choice for you!

Mani Q

If you're trying to protect and enhance your nail's growth, then the Mani Q may be right up your alley! Growing healthy, natural nails may seem difficult but we're ready to help. Mani Q is an overlay. It tends to be worn for two weeks or more. At the end, your nails will look and feel as healthy as can be!

Other Options

Not only do we specialize in nail enhancements and manicures, we also offer additional nail services at incredibly affordable prices. Make Selah Salon & Spa your one stop shop for all your nail care needs! Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.