Massage Body Treatment at Selah Salon & Spa — El Paso, TX

Massages are the best way to help your body relax after a hard week. Selah Salon & Spa offers several wonderful massage services. Whether you need a simple stress reduction massage, a prenatal massage, or anything in between, we can help. Selah Salon & Spa in El Paso, is ready to give you the massage your body's been begging for! Make tomorrow a spa day. We have many massage options available so you'll truly find exactly what you're after!

Excellent Manicure Services in El Paso

Selah Salon & Spa offers a plethora of manicure options. Each one performed by our experienced and friendly nail technicians. No matter what you're looking for, Selah Salon & Spa has it!

What Selah Salon & Spa Has to Offer

Looking for the best massage option? We have just the thing! Our basic, hot stone and deep tissue massage options are available in three different time variations: half hour, one hour, or 90-minute. So, depending on your what you need and the time you have available, we've got many options available!

  • Half Hour
  • 1-Hour
  • 1-Hour with Hot Stones
  • 90-Minutes
  • Deep Tissue - 1-Hour
  • Three 1-Hour Sessions

Go Deeper with Massage Body Treatments!

Massages aren't just for loosening a few knots on your back from time to time, specific massages can also have medical benefits! Selah Salon & Spa offers many massage body treatments to help anyone and everyone reach their optimum level of relaxation.

Stress Reduction, Relaxation, and Deep Tissue Massage Options

No matter how stressed out you are, Selah Salon & Spa can help. We offer specified stress reduction massages as well as options focusing on relaxation. These two options will yield the exact results their names describe. If you've spent a whole week stressing out due to work and life, then it's time for a stress reduction massage!

Let's say your body's been full of painful knots. That's basically your body's way of telling you it needs to relax! Our relaxation massages are specifically designed for maximum results.

Want to take your relaxation a step further? Consider our deep tissue massage body treatment! This option targets chronic muscle tension since it focuses on the deepest muscle tissue layers. All of these options are available at Selah Salon & Spa. If you're unsure from which to choose, simply contact us today to see which option is best for you!

Sports and Prenatal Massage Options

If you're an athlete or an expectant mother, you're probably dealing with a few (or many) aches and pains. Instead of letting this pain become second-nature to you, visit Selah Salon & Spa for incredibly relaxing and specified care.

Excellent Massage Body Treatment at Selah Salon & Spa in El Paso

The massage options available at Selah Salon & Spa are perfect for anyone to achieve the rest and relaxation they're looking for. Contact us today to see which one of our massage body treatments are is best and to schedule your next massage treatment!