Cathy Emfinger - Owner

About Us

There is a strong family atmosphere at Selah that extends to you, our special guest.

Selah Salon & Spa is a family owned and operated business with three generations on board. Selah opened for business in January 2001. We expanded in 2003 to offer spa services and our clients couldn’t be happier. Owner, Cathy Emfinger, combined her background in cosmetics, marketing, and management with daughter Shamas' talent, passion, and dedication for the beauty industry. Now, granddaughter Kazmira, has joined our team.

Our staff is made up of highly trained and creative professionals who are always expanding their education. We have been featured in several editions of Passion International and La Vida books for our hair and make-up. We have a strong family atmosphere here at Selah that extends to you, our special guest.

Hair Stylists

shama hair-stylist
samantha hair-stylist
beth hair-stylist
tristia hair-stylist
michell hair-stylist
mercedez hair-stylist
mariah hair-stylist
juan hair-stylist
samantha hair-stylist

Nail Technicians

Kazmira nail-technician
kristy nail-technician
Melissa nail-technician

Massage Therapists

masse massage-therapist


carla esthetician

Xtreme Eyelash Stylist

victoria hair-stylist